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                   (..THE LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD..)
                   by the Published  Author 
                   (..TINA BLADES..)


                            Willing To Pay The Price

                         Time has come to make a change
                         Without you here I feel very strange
                         I never meant to leave you out
                         But it seems at times that’s what life is about
                         Going along and doing your thing
                         Never thinking about what that might bring
                         Never taking the time to seek you first
                         I feel all alone here on this earth
                         People around, money and all
                         But without you Lord I will quickly fall
                         I go and I go at living my life
                         Never thinking about you not even twice
                         Then something happens that brings me to my knees
                         Then I’m begging you Lord do something please
                         I don't want to live my life that way
                         I want you here all night and all day
                         I know this is the way it has to be
                         I want you Lord I pray that you see
                         Here I am down on my knees
                         And I’m begging you Lord please
                         Help me get through this
                         With you I can't miss
                         The price is high and heaven my goal
                         I pay the price I'll pay the toll
                        To be with you in heaven above
                        Thank you dear Lord for all your Love

                              Copyright © Tina Blades